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If you have a property to sell or buy, I strongly recommend you talk to Tom Forde. It is all very well to pigeon-hole him and say “Oh he’s just a Real Estate Agent”. He is, but he’s not. He truly cares about his clients. He also makes opportunities, unlike some agents. He is forceful, but not aggressive. My experience with him? So far he has sold two of my properties. One had been sitting for twelve months, and the other had been vacant for about two months with no buyer in sight. Both were sold within a month of Tom Forde taking over my account. I can only speak for myself, but I have no hesitation in recommending Tom Forde as a responsible agent.

Meg Lawrence

Tom Forde definitely thinks outside the square. I had a property that we had withdrawn from sale because I decided I still need its use. However, Tom found a buyer for the property, but before presenting this to me, he came up with an ingenious solution to my property requirements finding and securing another property; a fact that makes much more sense to our long-term future, than staying with the original property. I value Tom’s opinion and his negotiating skills. He has a great capacity for patience and understanding to arrive at the best solution. It is true what other people have said about him, he is not your average real estate agent.

Di Henshall

Forde Rocks!

Forde Real Estate ROCKS always take care of EVERYTHING!!!!!

Fantastic to deal with FORDE PROPERTY!

Peter Williams

Tom has been in the Sunshine Coast area now for many years and has an extensive local knowledge. His negotiation skills will ensure maximum value for property owners.

If you need confidential and professional advice backed by a long history in the area then you should contact Tom.

Dave Reardon

26 testimonials found - Page 3 of 7