Confidence in Noosa’s economy

Development and infrastructure have been continuing to push forward around the Sunshine Coast, creating opportunities now and into the future, and giving the public confidence in the region’s economic future with long term prospects being the driving force.

With the strengthening economy being supported by a multitude of projects, Noosa has seen an increase in the Gross Regional Product in the region, with the real estate sector being among services which contributed an increase of 8% last year, with recent suggestions made of a positive economic climate now and moving forward.

Add to that investor interest expanding outside of major cities to large regional hubs, Noosa and the surrounding suburbs make an appealing option for investment opportunities in both commercial and residential sectors.

Tourism has always been a strong industry for the Noosa region, and while it still remains steady during the ‘down’ season (in comparison to other tourism towns), it is also a major centre for commercial and industrial sectors which are less likely to be influenced by tourism figures

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