Economic indicators for Queensland’s future

Fundamentally, Queensland economic future is very strong, underpinned by a set of diverse economic drivers.

 Significant infrastructure spend 50 billion plus.

 Strong population growth from 5 million to 7 million by 2041, fueling the housing industry.

 Massive growth in renewable energy which currently generates 15% of energy source,

set to grow to 60% over next 10 years.

>Tourism growth with a domestic holiday boom expected for next 3 years.

>Logistic industry booming which embraces the bulk export of iron, gas, grains, tvs,

machinery, clothing and household goods.

Growth in all these areas will stimulate widespread demand and the multiplier effect across the broad economy and with low interest rates lowering the costs for personal and business funding we have the foundations for strong returns.

We expect property prices to continue to rise in the short term but with a possible dip in mid 2021 from the lag effect of the Covid period however for this to be a 3-6 month dip that we recover from quickly before the economy powers forward to 2025.

Naturally, the world economy will influence our peaks and troughs however our diversity and strong fundamentals should see Queensland outperform the nation over the next 4 years.

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