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How Much is My Home Worth in Noosa Heads

As of August 20, 2018, the median price for a house in Noosa Heads is $1,105,000. The median price for a unit is $675,000. This year there has been 124 houses sold and 124 units sold. According to the Demand to Supply Ratio or DSR, both houses and units are rated as above average. There are an equal amount of buyers and sellers. Sellers are usually getting their asking price. The 12-month capital growth for houses stands at 2.91% and for units, it is 9.0%. The average annual capital growth is 2.67% for houses and 0.85% for units. Prices are expected to stay level with the national capital growth average for property in Noosa Heads. It takes on average 77 days to sell a house and 111 days to sell a unit in Nossa Heads. 

House prices and weekly rent returns in Noosa Heads

  • Two bedroom house No Data Rent per week $460
  • Three bedroom house $890,000 Rent per week $560
  • Four bedroom house $1,183,000 Rent per week $695
  • Unit prices and weekly rent returns in Noosa Heads

  • One bedroom unit $322,00 Rent per week No Data
  • Two bedroom unit $620,000 Rent per week $450
  • Three bedroom unit $1,140,000 Rent per week $595
  • The gross rental yield for houses is 3.32% and for units, it is 378%.

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    Do you want to know the value of your home in Noosa Heads? Our sales agents provide free property appraisals for units, townhouses, apartments and houses. We are local to the area and know the market prices of homes. We are available anytime to give you an accurate estimate. Our final price is based on location to shops, schools and amenities. We also factor in the recent property sales in Noosa.

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    Real estate appraisal Noosa Heads QLD 4567Are you thinking of renting your home? Or, do you have an investment property you want to rent or lease? Our property management team offer free rental appraisals for units and houses. We have a number of potential tenants on our books we can introduce. Our appraisers will discuss with the landlord the length of the rental term. Also, the type of tenant preferred. At our disposal are the full suite of property management tools. We place the tenant, carry out routine inspections, maintain the property and deliver full tax accounting documents to the landlord.

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