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Tom Forde


Looking to invest in Noosa? Whether you are an owner thinking of selling or someone looking to buy in Noosa or if you are a developer or speculator looking for opportunities please talk to Tom.

Tom has extensive experience in metro and regional markets and is an innovative and accomplished trader of Luxury Property, Commercial Property, Development Sites and all strategic Assets.

Tom has the right energy and the confidence to create a positive impact on results

He has the local knowledge, the skills and the precision to add significant value to both sellers and buyers.

If you’re looking for the right character to step up and represent you, to negotiate superior, cleaner terms and dollars, be assured you have found that person.

For sales, for buying, for marketing and development of all types of property in Noosa please call Tom 0417 333 335.


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If you are buying or selling Commercial or Residential property in Noosa you must contact Forde Property. I've Bought or sold 14 properties in the Noosa area over the past few years and have ONLY used this agency. Tom, the principal, has always got me the best possible result and his staff work just as hard to get results for their clients. Forde Property also manage my rental properties and do a superb job whether managing the day to day rent etc or negotiating long term leases on Commercial Properties 

Doug Simon

Tom and the team at Forde Property have looked after my industrial properties for many years. I trust them completely. They have proved to be reliable and friendly but firm to my tenants. They are proactive and always checking with me for anything costing money. Di Bagnara is exceptional.

Pierre Otth

Tom is a creative problem solver! Everyone needs one of these types of people on their team. I am glad he is on our team that is for sure.

Tracie Harrington

Tom has been in the Sunshine Coast area now for many years and has an extensive local knowledge. His negotiation skills will ensure maximum value for property owners. If you need confidential and professional advice backed by a long history in the area then you should contact Tom.

Dave Reardon

" Forde Rocks! "

Forde Real Estate ROCKS always take care of EVERYTHING!!!!! Fantastic to deal with FORDE PROPERTY!

Peter Williams

Tom’s local knowledge and expertise have been of great assistance, especially since I am an interstate investor looking to buy in the area. I can highly recommend Tom and his team to assist you with all your residential and commercial needs.

Jutti Jeffrey

Tom is results orientated. He achieves success through continual follow-up and creating deals/opportunities often by thinking creatively. It is a pleasure to work with Tom and to see the level of customer service he provides to his clients… the feedback from them says it all!

Diane Bagnara

I can recommend Tom as the very best of the best of the Commercial property and business agents in Noosa or the region for that matter. Not only he is the best agent, focused on client service, but also an excellent Principal with a clear understanding of the market and how to go about getting the tops for our clients. An atmosphere of total cooperation is within the office staff and the sales personnel. His door is always open!

David Zuric

Tom displays an extremely high level of (property) market knowledge and is a motivated and resourceful business owner. He acts with honesty and integrity and is a true leader in his field!

Jenny Strong (Samios)

You don’t get into the “Captains Club” without serious performance and you don’t attract testimonials like Toms without serious results. Under any scrutiny, Tom Forde’s performance is at the highest level and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone wanting top professional expertise and a commitment to excellence.

John McTavish

Tom is an experienced operator with sound business acumen. He has achieved success across a broad range of industry sectors and has delivered results at both an operational and strategic level.

James Forde

Tom, I just wanted to say thank you for all you did, great service, answering emails, all our questions etc and for your words of encouragement and support in the beginning. Having never done this before and dealt with leases, solicitors it's been a learning process.Thank you to your staff too, Diane Bagnara has been very good and easy to talk too.

Karen Martin

Tom has a good overall knowledge of the markets within which he works and has a keen eye for opportunities and creative solutions for clients.

Stephen McNamara

I wish to express my immense gratitude to Tom Forde and the team at Forde Property for the outstanding, professional service I received over the last 5 years and in particular the extremely difficult last 12 months in which they were able to negotiate and release both my Noosaville Commercial properties. I would not hesitate to recommend Tom and the team to any landlord or tenant who requires a professional, intelligent, knowledgeable, caring team to attend to their requirements.

Yvonne Aitkin

We both found Tom to be both true to his word, very reliable and honest in our dealings with him. Would I recommend Tom? Most definitely.

Barbara Trethewy

Tom Forde definitely thinks outside the square. I had a property that we had withdrawn from sale because I decided I still need its use. However, Tom found a buyer for the property, but before presenting this to me, he came up with an ingenious solution to my property requirements finding and securing another property; a fact that makes much more sense to our long-term future, than staying with the original property. I value Tom’s opinion and his negotiating skills. He has a great capacity for patience and understanding to arrive at the best solution. It is true what other people have said about him, he is not your average real estate agent.

Di Henshall

If you have a property to sell or buy, I strongly recommend you talk to Tom Forde. It is all very well to pigeon-hole him and say “Oh he’s just a Real Estate Agent”. He is, but he’s not. He truly cares about his clients. He also makes opportunities, unlike some agents. He is forceful, but not aggressive. My experience with him? So far he has sold two of my properties. One had been sitting for twelve months, and the other had been vacant for about two months with no buyer in sight. Both were sold within a month of Tom Forde taking over my account. I can only speak for myself, but I have no hesitation in recommending Tom Forde as a responsible agent.

Meg Lawrence

It was a breath of fresh air to meet Tom, he was very knowledgeable in all facets of the industry and we had full confidence he would get the deal done. I would strongly recommend him to anyone wanting to buy or sell commercial property.

Russell Leary, Star Resorts CEO

I have been so impressed with the wholesale process through Forde Property. So often the salesperson hammers you to sign you up and take money off you for marketing and then you don’t hear anything. This has not been the case at all with your company. Communication has been excellent – no nonsense; no setting unrealistic expectations; clear and honest and I believe you have worked in our best interests, unlike other experiences I have had, where I felt the Agent was working in the interests of the buyer, not the seller. Thank you for that. I have no hesitation in either recommending Forde Property or indeed, in using your services again.

Daryl Cook

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