Our property managers are highly skilled and experienced. They fully embrace the company’s training and development platform.

Our goal is to maintain the highest standards of client service and representation. Forde Property has developed a structured property management training programme to ensure we lead the industry in terms of service standards.

All recruiting of property management staff and support staff is conducted with rigorous detail.

All staff must hold REIQ status and maintain the educational requirements as per industry standards.


Marketing your Rental Property requires a thorough campaign. Professional photography to highlight the features, advantages and benefits of your property is critical to obtaining the optimal result.


All Forde Property rental properties are displayed 24/7 on the internet on multiple websites.

Our offices are open 5 days a week. Our staff are flexible to allow for after-hour & weekend inspections.

The property management team work extremely hard to minimize any vacant periods and to secure the highest possible rent for your property.

Obtaining quality tenants is the number one objective of the Forde Property management team.

This begins by ensuring that all tenancy applications are completed to the highest standard. That all applications are vetted thoroughly.

The tenancy application is verified against key criteria

  1. Full references from previous landlords
  2. Direct verification of the applicant’s income and employment details
  3. We directly verify personal character references
  4. We speak directly to their employer
  5. We thoroughly complete credit reference searches
  6. We obtain a mandatory 100-point identification process for each applicant
  7. We use industry standards to measure tenant’s capacity to meet the rental required
  8. We look for historical data to support a record of the serviceability of similar rent
  9. We personally interview all prospective tenants to verify all supporting information
  10. We personally explain the commitment to the tenant and what is required in terms of property maintenance.


Changing your property over is so simple. If it’s currently managed by another agent simply call our property management team and we will do everything else. Once you appoint us, we will simply send the documents you have signed with your existing agent and make all the arrangements to collect your file, keys, and everything necessary. You will not need to call your current agent or have further communication with them in any way.

If you are self-managing your property and need help or are not sure about current legislation or occupational health and safety issues that affect your rental property, please call our office at (07) 5447 5554.


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